Math Placement

Math Placement

We expect students to come to BYU ready to take Math 112: Calculus 1.

  • If you do not feel that you are ready to take Math 112 then you can take Math 110: College Algebra and Math 111: Trig.
  • A 4 or a 5 on the AB exam or a 4 on the BC exam earns credit for Math 110 and Math 112, and a 5 on the BC exam earns credit for Math 112 and 113.  Many students who pass the AP exam and receive college credit for calculus still choose to take Math 112 or 113 in order to gain a better understanding of the material.  If you feel at all uncomfortable with calculus and you are in a technical major, this is probably a good choice.
  • Tests related to these entry level math classes can be found on the Mathematics Department Exams page. This is a great tool to use to understand your BYU math skills level before registration.

Math Refresher Course

The Ira A. Fulton College offers an engineering math refresher course.  This non-credit class is offered:
  • Twice each semester (first and second block)
  • Spring Term
  • The week before Fall semester (on an accelerated basis)

The course reviews material through Math 113 and is designed to prepare students who have been away from their math studies to succeed in Math 302.

Students should register for this 0.0 credit course on MyMap. The course name is Eng T 295R. Students enrolling in the accelerated section (last week of August) cannot register on MyMap and therefore must register on the Math Refresher Course Registration website.

For more information on the course, and a schedule of topics to be addressed, visit the Math Refresher Course website.