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Tamara Rabidi

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Class of 2009
Arab Consultants Bureau

"Work hard, study hard and party hard."

After graduating from BYU, Tamara Rabadi moved back to Jordan to work in the area of hydrology and water resources. The consultancy firm she works for specializes in environmental solutions. One of Rabadi’s current projects is the site selection for the first nuclear power plant in Jordan. “I would have to say that getting in the engineering field has changed my life completely,” Rabadi said. “One thing that a lot of people do not get is that it’s a lifestyle.” Rabadi said that the engineering program prepares students to think differently and develop a wide array of useful attributes. “I could tell the difference in the way of thinking between engineering students and others. The rational reasoning, attention to details and critical thinking are usually stronger for engineering graduates, or at least this is what I noticed. “Studying engineering might not be the easiest field in college, but it is definitely worth the hard work. It teaches you discipline, obedience, time respect and balance. The secret for me was the ‘peak to peak’ strategy: work hard, study hard and party hard.”