Manufacturing Engineering Internship

Location of Program: China      Year: 2015
Program Director(s): Mike Miles
Participating Major(s): Manufacturing Engineering Technology


Students spend about five weeks working on a significant project.  The first week they are accompanied by a professor, and the rest of the time they are supervised by managers of the sponsoring company.  To conclude the experience, students meet with company leaders to present their work and a final report. 

Recap of the Year:

Leadership Development
Students worked on a cross functional team that required different forms of communication to different departments. They also learned to modify communication methods based on the personalities and backgrounds of others.  This was a valuable time to practice leadership through developing effective and precise, though flexible, communication patterns.  

Global Agility
Students experienced how businesses are a global endeavor.  They learned the vitality of maintaining an open mind when working internationally among people of different cultures and languages. They learned that as they respect  people who have different outlooks on work, life and other expectations, that they can be successful in a global work environment.

Technical Competence
Students learned the value of using technology as a tool to communicate effectively as they worked first hand with design engineers, quality assurance, and other industry specific sectors. Students experienced first hand the daily activities of these individuals, including how they reacted to issues that arise while operating within a global manufacturing operation.

Student Experiences

"I have improved in every aspect.  I have more confidence in my engineering abilities as well as my leadership abilities. I improved my skills and broadened my opportunities for the future."
-Jared Johnson

"I learned to have confidence in my knowledge and abilities to be able to get the informationI needed to get the job done. What I have learned in school was strengthened by the work I did in this internship."
-Sarah Graham