International Opportunities

More than just an area of focus for the college, global competence is a requirement for today's successful technologists and engineers. As the importance of being able to work and communicate effectively in an international setting increases, an international experience  is one of the most valuable investments a student can make.

The college sponsors and promotes programs aimed at achieving global competence in a technical setting. Some programs are targeted at students across the college, while others are specific to particular disciplines. The types of experiences range from development of systems and products for developing countries, to interactions with students and governments in other countries, to visiting engineering sites across Asia. The summary link to the left shows the upcoming program offerings and deadlines, plus links to gain more information on programs of interests.
A variety of international internships are available to qualified students. These experiences can offer a long-term opportunity to be immersed in the culture of an international company.
A myriad of opportunities are also available outside of the college to develop language skills and cultural appreciation. The BYU Kennedy Center for International Studies manages these programs.