Building a cooking oven on the Uros Islands in Peru

Building a hand washing machine on the Uros Islands

Working with islanders on the Uros Islands

Global Engineering Outreach

Location of Program: Peru      Year: 2013
Program Director(s): Randy Lewis
Participating Major(s): All Engineering and Technology Majors


Students participating in the Global Engineering Outreach (GEO) class in Peru do more than gain international experience. They use their technical education to change lives through humanitarian engineering with a focus on sustainable technologies.

Recap of the Year:

Global Engineering Outreach is a yearlong humanitarian engineering design course that concludes in a study abroad opportunity for students. In the 2012-2013 Academic year approximately 20 BYU engineering students and 2 mentors used this course to not only learn about designing solutions for problems in third world countries but also developed solutions for specific problems as identified by people near Cuzco and Puno in Peru. These projects included developing safer and more efficient cook stoves, hand powered washing machine, a reed-cutting device and an oven that can be used to cook on islands made of reeds. At the conclusion of two semesters of work the students and their mentors traveled to Peru with their new found knowledge to share it with the people of Peru and help them improve their lives.

Global engineering outreach students in Peru 2013