Industrial Design students in the contemporary section at the Victoria and Albert museum in London reviewing well known de-construtivists design work from Droog Design and Ron Arad.

Industrial Design students find temporary shelter from a sudden rain storm in a small art warehouse while walking to a Paris Design week event and make the most of the local graffiti.

Industrial Design

Location of Program: Europe      Year: 2013
Program Director(s): Bryan Howell
Participating Major(s): Industrial Design


Students participate in London and Paris' Design Weeks where design is celebrated in the city's neighborhoods. They visit design oriented museums, historically significant design sites, and meet leading contemporary designers.

Recap of the Year:

Six industrial design students attended Design Weeks in both Paris and London this year.  They met with both young and experienced designers showing their work at both locations, were able to make great contacts with show organizers, and discuss design with other design students from around the world.  They experienced first hand a number of classic design sites such as the Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye, Hector Guimard's Metro Entrances and Castle Beranger, and William Morris's home.  We also visited a number of world class museums, the Museum's of Modern Art and of Decorative Arts in Paris and the Victoria and Albert and Design museum's in London.  Overall, the students were exposed to a world of design that they could not experience in America, it was a unique and enlightening experience.

Industrial Design students reviewing one of the few remaining Hector Guimard, Art Nouveau styled, Metro entrances in Paris.