Sightseeing street of Taipei

Chinese Kung Fu class

Chinese Calligraphy class

Attending Computex Taipei Computer Expo

2500 year old Cypress in Alishan National Park

Information Technology and Global Development

Location of Program: Taiwan      Year: 2013
Program Director(s): Chia-Chi Chang
Participating Major(s): Information Technology, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering


Students were able to increase their global awareness and leadership skills by immersing themselves in the culture of Taiwan and learning from global technology leading companies such as Intel and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp). The students were able to take Mandarin Chinese classes and visit many cultural attractions including Taipei 101 (the 2nd tallest building in the world).

Recap of the Year:

The students stayed in the on campus housing provided by National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) during the study abroad program. They were given temporary student IDs by NTHU which gave them full access to campus facilities such as the library and the gym. The NTHU faculty taught a beginner Mandarin Chinese class with cultural enrichment activities for the students. The main topics covered in the class included Ping Yin pronunciation, simple characters, basic vocabulary and conversation skills. Each student had to make a 5 minute presentation in Mandarin for their final exam. The culture activities were taught by NTHU faculty and students which involved Kung Fu, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Chess, Chinese Yo-Yo, and cooking.

The students had opportunities to visit global technology leading companies such as Intel and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TSMC – one of the largest semiconductor foundries in the world). Senior management from the companies gave a presentation to the students on their global market analysis and strategy. Students were also able to attend the Computex expo (the world’s 2nd largest computer exhibition next to CeBIT) and see some of the latest technology at work.

The students took a few field trips to visit cultural and tourist attractions including the National Palace Museum, LDS Taipei Temple, Taipei 101 (the 2nd tallest building in the world), and several national parks (Kunting, Alishan, and Toroko). They also visited beaches, an island wild life reserve and tropical mountain resorts at 7000 feet. Taking a high speed train at 215 miles per hour, snorkeling and feeding tropical fish, catch (and release) fire fly, and seeing an old grow forest with 3000 year old cypress were some of the unique experiences students had while on this study abroad.

What students had to say about the program:

Course completion certificate from National Tsing Hua University Chinese Language Center