Students working on their projects at ALT Technologies.

At the Forbidden City.

Visiting the Temple of Heaven Park.

At the Summer Palace in Beijing.

Manufacturing Engineering Internships

Location of Program: China      Year: 2013
Program Director(s): Mike Miles
Participating Major(s): Manufacturing Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering


Students work at a company in China for approximately five weeks. They are assigned a significant project to complete within the five-week time frame and are supervised by managers at the company. A professor also accompanies the students for the first week of the internship to help them get started with their project. At the end of the five-week stay the students present their work to the general manager of the company and provide him with a final report.

Recap of the Year:

This year five students interned at two companies in China. Three students interned with Branson Ultrasonics in Shanghai and two went to ATL Technologies in Dongguan. The study abroad began with a cultural experience in Beijing. The students arrived in Beijing late in the evening of May 2nd. On May 3rd they visited Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace. On May 4th they visited the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, the Sacred Way, the Olympic Park, and the Silk Market. On May 6th they attended church in Beijing and visited the Temple of Heaven park. On may 7th they flew to their internship destinations. Project work began on May 8th in each of the two internship locations. Students met with the managers that were assigned to mentor them and received an orientation on their projects.

At Branson Ultrasonics, the students worked on redesigning the lifting mechanism of a two-table vibration welding machine, modular tooling design for vibration welding of plastics, and automation of the purchasing process using Excel. At ATL the students worked on implementation of single piece flow for a medical connector. Students completed their projects, gave their sponsors a final report, and returned home 15 June.

Standing on the Great Wall of China.