BYU students meet with faculty and students at Tongji University in Shanghai, China.

Visiting the Great Wall Badaling Section.

At the base of the Longtanhe Bridge.

China Megastructures and Megacities

Location of Program: China, Hong Kong      Year: 2013
Program Director(s): Rick Balling, Grant Schultz
Participating Major(s): Civil and Environmental Engineering


The China Megastructures and Megacities students participate in a design and research experience unmatched by any other in the nation.  In the Megastructures program students are taught the skills to design tall skyscrapers, large bridges, and other structural masterpieces.  The Megacities students learn about and are exposed to transportation planning and analysis of: public transportation, airports, high-speed rail, pedestrians, freight, and highway systems of international megacities.  All of this is achieved through international experience, research, professional interactions, evaluation, and design.

Recap of the Year:

In 2013 the students began their experience Winter semester with a one time per week Preparation course (CE En 471B) and the assigning of their structures and transportation projects.  Classes began in earnest in Spring term with four days per week intense megastructure and megacity classroom learning.  Students prepared reports and began their design and then shared their knowledge with the class prior to embarking on a 16 day trip to China and Hong Kong.  The area visited on the trip included: Beijing, Tianjin, Three Gorges Dam (Yichang), Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Learning about planning at the Beijing City Planning museum.