WE@BYU Women Student Mentoring Program

What is a mentor? How will this program help me?

Sometimes classes, work, friends, and other elements of school-life can be overwhelming. Maybe you feel like engineering is too hard. Maybe you just have no idea where you fit in, and you feel like all you need is a friend. This is why we have the mentoring program. A mentor is someone to help and give advice. The mentors have already experienced the struggles of the first and second years of being a female student in engineering or technology. They know what classes are hard and how to survive them. They know which professors can help you with a subject. They know where the bathrooms are. Your mentor is a friend that can help you reach your full potential as a woman in engieering or technology at BYU. 








For more information about the  Women Student Mentoring program or if you would like to participate as either a new student mentee or as a mentor please contact Lisa Barrager at engtech-women@byu.edu