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New Bright Truck Information

This page has information for the New Bright truck part No. 1680. It is typically operated with 4 AA batteries in the truck and 2 AA batteries in the controller. Here we would like to be able to control the vehicle without using the RF controller. The board is 2022BW (SMD) REV.4.

Here is some information on the main transistors driving the forward/reverse motors.
Data Sheets:
FHB772 chip
FHD882 chip

The image above shows the New Bright circuit board. The IC (NEW BRIGHT R288-2 0714) apparently operates at 3V. The digital outputs of the chips operate at 0 and 3 V. If you want to go Forward, for example, you raise the voltage at the Forward pin to ~ 3V and the car will go forward. Because the H bridge takes substantial current to operate, transistors are placed at digital outpus to supply the correct current to the bridge transistors. Note that you will want to be very careful not to engage Forward and Reverse (or Left and Right) at the same time. Test your digital circuit before connecting it to the motor driver circuit!

It may be advntageous to clip the pins on the IC to completely disengage the RF circuit from interfering with the commands that you want the truck to follow. Also, when testing your circuit, you can cut the motors out of the circuit by unclipping the motor connectors.

The following information may be of use to you. It was sent to me by Andrew Ayers:
I am not absolutely certain, but I think the SMT part (IC marked "NEW BRIGHT R288-2 0714") may actually be a "house numbered" version of the RX2 half of the TX2/RX2 chipset.
I have a copy of the Realtek datasheet for this chipset (there's actually quite a few versions of this datasheet floating around on the net - the Realtek one is the clearest), and the chip seems to match the pinout (strictly basing it on the pins already identified in the photo on the page).
The only difference is that the left/right pins seem to be reversed; I suspect, though, that if you had/have the transmitter, if it has a 14-pin IC marked something like "New Bright T288-2" - that would confirm it, and I bet that it's wires are also reversed (right connected to left pin, and vice-versa).
Here is another Datasheet that seems to include the H-bridge circuit as well: Silan TX-2C/RX-2Cdatasheet
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