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John N. Harb

Brigham Young University
Chemical Engineering Department

Associate Dean
Fulton College of Engineering andTechnology

270 CB 
Provo, UT 84602  
phone: (801) 422-4393
fax: (801) 422-0218


Brief Bio

John N. Harb is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean of the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology at Brigham Young University , following his appointment to the Dean's office in May 2005. He received his BS in Chemical Engineering (1983) from Brigham Young University , Provo and his MS (1986) and PhD (1988) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois , Urbana . He came to BYU directly from graduate school. Professor Harb has been actively involved in engineering education and has developed and delivered workshops for engineering educators. He co-authored a textbook for first-year students in chemical engineering that has been used for over a decade. He also co-authored a monograph on teaching engineering ( Teaching Through the Cycle ) . He directs research in Electrochemical Engineering, which includes a wide range of topics of technological importance that are governed by electrochemical phenomena.

Professor Harb and his wife Ruth are the parents of 6 children and the proud grandparents of two adorable grandsons.


Engineering Education


Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Chemical Engineering (ChE 170)
  • Computational Tools for Chemical Engineers (ChE 263)
  • Mass and Energy Balances (ChE 273)
  • Energy and Fossil Fuels (ChE 310)
  • Introduction to Semiconductor Processing (ChE 381)
  • Process Dynamics and Control (ChE 436)
  • Process Design and Synthesis (ChE 451)
  • Unit Operations Lab (ChE 475/477)
  • Separation Processes (ChE 476)
  • Electrochemical Engineering (ChE 693R)