Dean R. Wheeler

Chemical Engineering
Brigham Young University

350 CB 
Provo, UT 84602 
phone: (801) 422-4126

Research area:
Electrochemical Engineering -- modeling and experiments of microstructure and ionic and electronic transport in composite materials, specifically battery electrodes. Optimization of lithium-ion batteries.

Prospective graduate students

If you are interested in coming to BYU and joining my group to earn a Ph.D. or M.S. degree, please read this.

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Classes Taught

  • Ch En 170 - Intro to Chemical Engineering
  • Ch En 199R - Academic Internship
  • Ch En 263 - Problem Solving Techniques
  • Ch En 373 - Thermodynamics
  • Ch En 376 - Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Ch En 378 - Materials Science for Engineers
  • Ch En 391 - Career Skills for Chemical Engineers
  • Ch En 498R - ChemE-Car
  • Ch En 531 - Thermodynamics of Multicomponent Systems
  • Ch En 533 - Transport Phenomena
  • Ch En 693R - Electrochemical Engineering Topics

Research Activities

Publications and Presentations

Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Students Advised

  • Clint Guymon, Ph.D. 2006 - currently at Safety Management Services
  • Indrajeet Thorat, Ph.D. 2009 - currently at an undisclosed large Silicon Valley company
  • Elliott Bird, M.S. 2009 - currently at US Army
  • David Stephenson, M.S. 2008 and Ph.D. 2011 - currently at Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Stan Moore, Ph.D. 2012 - currently at Sandia National Lab
  • Abhishek Asthana, Ph.D. 2012 - currently at GlobalFoundries
  • Dane Hansen, Ph.D. 2012 - currently at Intel
  • Yining "Claire" Pan, M.S. 2013 - currently at Intel
  • Doug Nevers, M.S. 2013 - currently at Cornell University
  • Serena W. Peterson, Ph.D. 2015 - currently at FlexEl
  • Chien-Wei "Ben" Chao, M.S. 2015 - currently at BD Medical
  • Mehdi Forouzan, Ph.D. (began 2013)
  • Fezzeh Pouraghajan, Ph.D. (began 2014)
  • Mojdeh Nickpour, Ph.D. (began 2016)

Resources for students researchers

  • Application for undergraduates to do research in my group
  • Chemical Hazard Assessment Form for students to record chemical safety information for our laboratory procedures
  • Prospectus writing guide for my graduate students.
  • Writing large scientific documents with Microsoft Word is hazardous to your sanity. Instead use Lyx, which is a graphical interface for a publishing system known as LaTeX. Some helpful LaTeX files for formatting BYU theses and dissertations are here.
  • Inkscape is a nice (and free) package for doing line drawings, also known as vector graphics.