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BYU students in professional dress

Recruiting BYU Engineering and Technology Students

"We recruit at BYU because of the quality and the depth of education we find in the students.  They also have the maturity and communication skills we like to see in our new employees. BYU graduates hit the ground running and can communicate effectively and confidently, not only with their peers but also with executives.  We've also found BYU students to be very creative and to come with a strong tool set for solving engineering problems."

--Dr. William Sowa, combustion fellow, Pratt & Whitney


In the Ira A. Fulton College pf Engineering, we prepare our students to become leaders in their professions and communities throughout the world.  Because of our unique focus on global leadership, our graduates have learned how to work in teams, how to collaborate across disciplines and cultures, and how to lead.  As part of our capstone courses, many students have completed real-world projects sponsored by industry, giving them firsthand experience participating in teamwork and solving problems with realistic budget and time constraints.  Additionally:

Twice per year, BYU hosts the STEM Career Fair, one of the largest technical career fairs in the Intermountain West, giving companies access to more than 2,000 well-prepared students representing 24 STEM-related majors.  Recruiters are encouraged to register early.