Challenges in Water Resources

Location of Program: The Netherlands      Year: 2016
Program Director(s): Dan Ames
Participating Major(s): Civil and Environmental Engineering


This trip provided students with the opportunity to study civil engineering in The Netherlands. They gained technical experience working on global water challenge projects, and had the chance to meet and collaborate with students at local universities.

Recap of the Year:

Leadership Development
Students from BYU worked in collaboration with students attending the University of Twente. They developed important leadership, research, and problem-solving skills.

Global Agility
Students developed meaningful relationships with their peers from the host university. They spent time together outside of research, ate together and taught each other new skills. In addition to their studies and academic pursuits, BYU students took time to visit cultural sites and engineering landmarks. These included cruising the famous Amsterdam canal system, seeing historic windmills up close, exploring the city, and visiting the interactive Maduroam with its miniature-scale exhibits.

Technical Experience
This study abroad let students earn capstone credit as they worked on water challenge research projects in one of the most appropriate countries in the world. Twenty-six percent of The Netherlands’ land area lies below sea level, and the nation has become a global leader in water science as its engineers have worked, year after year, to reclaim land from the sea.

Student Experiences

“I love spending time with bright students in a new setting and watching their excitement as we explore major engineering projects up close.”
-Dan Ames (Accompanying Faculty)