Challenges in Water Resources

Location of Program: Dominican Republic      Year: 2016
Program Director(s): Jim Nelson
Participating Major(s): Civil and Environmental Engineering


In partnership with faculty and students from partnering institutions, BYU participants earned capstone credit while applying water resource models and methods to critical problems faced in Latin America.

Recap of the Year:

Leadership Development
This study abroad took place in a collaborative environment, where students had opportunities to practice leadership skills learned in the classroom, breaking down cultural barriers and solving problems.

Global Agility
Students collaborated with colleagues from government agencies and other universities, including distance collaboration with international partners. They worked as part of a team in an international environment to solve global water challenge problems. The overall experience was especially enhanced for students who could read and write in Spanish.

Technical Experience
Students applied fluid mechanics and hydrology modeling to real-world situations. The objective of this program was to provide students with opportunities to expand on the technical foundation learned through traditional classroom experiences, and to develop the skills necessary to practice and compete in a global environment.