Europe International Industrial Design Studies

Location of Program: London and Frome, United Kingdom       Year: 2017
Program Director(s): Bryan Howell and David Morgan
Participating Major(s): Industrial Design Majors


The program was held in two segments: a tour of London’s design community and an intensive bicycle frame building workshop in Frome. Students learned how to learn, apply, and master new skills and how to overcome challenges associated with breaking into the industrial design field. Students met with alumni and academic leaders from universities across the United Kingdom.

Recap of the Year:

Leadership Development
Students were heavily involved in every part of the experience. They took turns giving presentations on the studios and galleries that were visited, initiated contact with several of the professional designers, and led discussions on the topics being explored. 

Global Agility
Students developed new multi-cultural perspectives as they interacted with designers from all over the world in London’s international community. Participants returned from the study abroad ready to apply what they had learned from these international experts and approach design problems from a new perspective.

Technical Experience 
The Bicycle Academy gave students the opportunity to learn, practice, and master new technical skills. Students learned how to custom fit a bicycle to its rider and ensure efficient pedaling. Then they designed, cut, filed, and brazed the frames riding out on the last day with their own custom-built bicycle. 

Student Experiences
"This study abroad was unlike anything I could have imagined! I went expecting to see some cool things and learn some new skills, but I didn’t think that I’d come away with an entirely new approach to design. The most valuable part of this experience for me was seeing design applied in real, practical ways. I didn’t realize that the skills I was learning at BYU would prepare me so well for a professional career. I may have been nervous about entering the workplace after graduation before I left for Europe, but this study abroad gave me new insight and now I’m excited for what’s in store!”- Keltson Howell