Global Engineering Outreach

Location of Program: Peru      Year: 2012
Program Director(s): Randy Lewis, Gregg Warnick, Brett Borup
Participating Major(s): All engineering and Technology Majors


Students participating in the Global Engineering Outreach (GEO) class in Peru do more than gain international experience. They use their technical education to change lives through humanitarian engineering with a focus on sustainable technologies.

Recap of the Year:

During this two week trip to Peru at the end of April, students in the Global Engineering Outreach Projects class implemented the four projects they designed and tested during the last eight months. Projects this year were a hand powered washing machine and a water filtration system implemented in the floating reed islands called the Uros Islands in southern Peru. They also implemented a new cook stove and a thermal-electric generator to make cook stoves more efficient in mountain villages near Cusco, Peru. With 30 students in the class this year, the projects went well and are still being used by Peruvians. Students also got to visit historical and cultural sites, including Machu Picchu.