Global Leadership and History of Creativity

Location of Program: Europe      Year: 2015
Program Director(s): Gregg Warnick and Charley Harrell
Participating Major(s): All Engineering and Technology Majors


Participants spent a month in South Kensington London, and two weeks traveling throughout France and Italy. While in London they participated in team labs and a project that emphasized the principles of leadership.  They then learned about European history while visiting cities such as Paris, Rome, Florence and Chartres.  

Recap of the Year:

Leadership Development

Students learned how teams work and what makes teams effective.  They developed lasting friendships as they applied what they were learning in their class, and as each student had an opportunity to lead their team. They were able to see and learn from one another’s leadership styles and personalities. Their culminating project was a team video that taught a leadership principle.

Global Agility                              

Students learned about the value of global agility in their coursework, and as they visited various countries with unique customs and cultures.  Students also experienced some of the most famous art in the world, as well as cathedrals they had learned about found in Paris, Rome, Florence and Chartres.

Technical Experience 

Students learned first-hand that engineering has had its place in history.  They saw the famous aqueducts at Pont Du Gard, the Roman Coliseum, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  In addition to learning about the history of engineering, students got to see many modern advancements in engineering across Europe, including a car assembly at a BMW MINI plant and a plane assembly at the Airbus factory.

Student Experiences

"One of the greatest things I took away from this experience was becoming culturally agile and able to appreciate all parts of the world."
-Ashley Doll

"I think that everything about the study abroad helped me grow as a person.  I learned that as you experience as much as possible, you gain a great appreciation for where you are." 
-Bradley Clawson