Global Leadership and History of Creativity

Location of Program: Europe      Year: 2016
Program Director(s): Gregg Warnick, Andy George
Participating Major(s): All Engineering and Technology Students


Students learned to navigate and live comfortably in a different culture. They completed coursework, toured factories, visited important engineering landmarks, travelled to historic sites across Europe, and learned what it means to be a global leader.

Recap of the Year:

Leadership Development
Because leadership styles differ from one culture or country to the next, students learned how to work with and gain a better understanding of different leadership and business styles. Just like in any other class, students were given assignments, readings, quizzes and tests. Unlike any other class, students were given the opportunity to learn leadership skills in an immersive, international environment. Hands-on assignments taught them to be better leaders, specifically when interacting with other cultures.

Global Agility
Students learned to navigate and live comfortably in a different culture. They learned about the engineering environment in each country they visited and became better prepared to enter a global workforce.

Technical Experience
In addition to completing daily coursework, students were able to see firsthand how factories and refineries operate in countries across Europe. They became familiar with international standards, laws, and regulations, including new agreements within the European Union.

Student Experiences

 “Seeing the different challenges that countries in Europe face really opened my eyes to the fact that there is so much of the world that we need to seek to understand in order to make positive change through our areas of study and expertise”
-Monika Johnson

 “I feel more confident in my abilities to live and work abroad as well as a stronger sense of purpose and direction as a leader.”
-Rachel Uryan