International Industrial Design Studies

Location of Program: Europe      Year: 2015
Program Director(s): Bryan Howell and David Morgan
Participating Major(s): Industrial Design


Students gained firsthand experience with several different studies of product design within the context of European design and history.  Students visited several prominent design firms in Sweden, Denmark, and London, where they observed and interacted with experts and craftsmen. The students were introduced to several fields of design related to industrial design by visiting businesses, museums, and universities. This program encouraged students to network and explore areas of design that appealed to them.

Recap of the Year:

Leadership Development

Because this program encouraged autonomy, students were able to cultivate leadership skills that they developed at BYU. Students learned the importance of taking initiative both professional and educational contexts. They spoke with experts about career prospects and inquired about internship opportunities with possible employers.                           

Global Agility

Students developed a global mindset and learned to understand and appreciate European innovation in the realms of design, fine art, and architecture. In their free time, students were encouraged to visit landmarks and museums. As a result, several students became comfortable with travelling and interacting with locals and gained a reverence for European land and people.

Technical Experience

This group visited the headquarters of several renowned companies including IKEA, Republic of Fritz Hansen, and LEGO, where they were given opportunities to demonstrate and cultivate their design skills. Students also had the privilege of attending Clerkenwell Design Week. They met professional designers and craftsmen who provided them with valuable insights to help them navigate the design world on an international level.

Student Experiences

"This experience helped me better understand the international scope of all aspects of product design. As a result, I can better understand my role in the world of design."
-Sam Van Slooten

I gained tremendous clarity about the type of career I would like to pursue in the realm of design. I also learned about myself; not only what I like, but also areas in which I excel."
-Millie Parkinson