International Product Design and Development

Location of Program: Singapore      Year: 2016
Program Director(s): Brian Jensen
Participating Major(s): Engineering and Technology Students interested in Design


Students from BYU, Penn State University, and the National University of Singapore participated in a product development and design course together. Students worked together in international design teams to create products that would improve sustainable practices in Singapore. 

Recap of the Year:

Leadership Development
BYU students gained important experience working with others from diverse backgrounds towards a common goal. They built meaningful, cross-culture relationships with members of their teams, and had the opportunity to practice leadership skills in an environment that mimicked the professional world they would soon be entering.

Global Agility
Students gained valuable experience living and working in a different country. In addition to visiting popular tourist sites, they ate meals at their Singaporean team members’ homes and interacted almost daily with potential Singaporean customers for their products.

Technical Experience
This program provided opportunities for technical development in product design. Products designed by students included: a device to pick garbage out of rivers, a better system for emptying garbage in apartments and a table that would reduce waste in public eating areas.

Student Experiences

 “The most exciting part was the opportunity the students had to immerse themselves in Singapore culture.”
-Brian Jensen (Accompanying Faculty)