Globalization Committee

Globalization Committee
Report by Ketan Kothari, Committee Chair

Our primary objective this year is to consolidate our efforts in India.  We will focus on improving the issues and challenges before we expand the programs in India or beyond.  We also would like to be aligned with the new Weidman Center and its objectives in 2011.

Update on our activities:

  • Defer internships in India until 2012.
  • Become well aligned with the Weidman Center for International Leadership. We are interested in working with the Weidman Center to bring in more international speakers for BYU.
  • For the International panel at the 2011 ACET meeting:
    • Search for people who are recently returned or currently living abroad.
    • Perform a trial brown bag lunch with some of the candidates when they visit and later decide if they should be on the ACET Panel.
    • Ask for a list of international contacts from ACET.