Global Engineering Outreach

Location of Program: Peru      Year: 2015
Program Director(s): Randy Lewis
Participating Major(s): All Engineering and Technology Majors


Students used their technical education to change lives on an international level. They spent two semesters learning about designing solutions for problems in third world countries and developing solutions for specific problems in Porcón, Peru and the Islands of the Uros. They then implemented these ideas in teams with students from different disciplines and participated in humanitarian engineering by sharing these sustainable technologies with the people in Peru.

Recap of the Year:

Leadership Development

Students learn to work in teams as they spend time together in a classroom setting. They then apply what they have learned about teamwork as they implement their ideas in Peru. They also develop servant leadership skills as they give of their time and resources to bless the lives of the Peruvian people.

Global Agility

Students develop lasting relationships with people from a different culture. They learn to appreciate how the Peruvians live, and to admire their abilities to thrive despite their circumstances. They learn to love the lifestyles of others as they serve and work alongside them.  This experience prepares students to know how to make a meaningful, lasting impact wherever they may go in the world.  

Technical Experience

Students spend time in class learning about how to create sustainable changes for the well-being of people in developing countries. They then implement these practices when they travel to Peru and teach the people there how to make, use and maintain these products. 

Student Experiences

"The biggest impact for me was being able to apply the skills I've been learning in school to helping friends of a different culture."
-Searle Vincent

"Peru is beautiful, and the people here are amazing!"
-Colton Graham