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Larry Howell and Vincent Wilding appointed associate deans

Associate deans appointed for Ira A. Fulton College

Professors Larry Howell (left) and Vincent Wilding have been named the new associate deans of the BYU Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology. Their service will begin on July 1 when Michael Jensen, professor of electrical and computer engineering, begins his term as dean. Howell, professor of mechanical engineering, will oversee graduate programs and research throughout the college. Chemical engineering’s Wilding will direct undergraduate programs.   

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Syntrichia caninervis uses tiny hair-like structures on the tips of its leaves to absorb water from the atmosphere.

This desert plant defies gravity by collecting water upside-down with tiny leaf hairs

Most plants in extreme desert conditions survive by growing long roots capable of reaching deep water reserves. However, one desert moss uses tiny hair-like structures to absorb water from the atmosphere. BYU Chemical Engineering professor William Pitt and grad student Zhao Pan, along with researchers from Utah State University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have been studying this plant and share what they've learned about its gravity-defying properties. 

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