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Industrial design students reach across the ocean to design outdoor lighting products

Every year, industrial design students in BYU’s professional program design user-focused product prototypes for partnering companies.

BYU traffic study: No more left turns on busy streets

BYU traffic engineers Grant Schultz and Mitsuru Saito are on a mission to stop people from making left turns on busy roads. It’s not because they want to make life more difficult; it’s because they want to save it.

Robots: a new method of learning

picture of a robot

Imagine you're a child waking up every morning afraid and upset because you are unable to communicate your needs. Or envision being a parent, breaking into tears, trying everything you can to pacify your child and get them to ask you a question. For children on the autism spectrum and their parents, this can often be reality.

TEDxBYU professor, Greg Nordin, lectures about 3D printing for lab-on-a-chip

What we can do in technology is defined by our tools. If we want new possibilities, we need to create new tools.

Meghan Markle using the mighty Village Drill

Before becoming a Royal family member, Meghan Markle spent time in Rwanda using the Village Drill to help bring water to rural communities.

Forum: Self-flying vehicles

Randal Beard, professor of Electrical Engineering and the recipient of BYU’s Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award, delivered the Forum address on Tuesday. He discussed the technology in autonomous vehicles and how he anticipates the field progressing in the future. 

Two Engineering and Technology majors selected as Women of Courage

Cyera Bishop

When one hears the phrase ‘women of courage,’ names like Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, and Helen Keller come to mind, but women of courage are all around us. Last week, BYU recognized seven Women of Courage Award winners, two of whom come from the Ira A. Fulton College.

BYU supermileage vehicle places first in international competition

Under blue skies on the sun-drenched track of Sonoma Raceway, the BYU team earned top honors in their category at the 12th edition of the Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition, recording 1,985.4 miles per gallon with its ultra-energy-efficient “BYU SMV” internal combustion Prototype vehicle. Among the 98 student teams, half were powered by renewable energy sources.

Reaching for the sky: one of the college's own to give university commencement speech

Jared Blanchard with arms folded and smiling

Jared Blanchard will represent the graduates as the student speaker at BYU’s Commencement exercises this month. Like many of his fellow classmates, he has accomplished a lot during his time at BYU.

Making waves

Two boys sitting on the ground pose for a picture

<p>Two boys working on their robot</p>

Crowd of kids reach up to speaker as he points to people in the crowd

<p>Students raise materials in the air following a speaker's question</p>

Underwater robot in the pool

<p>One of the underwater robots in the pool</p>

Man working on robot looking up at camera

<p>One of the student volunteers for UUR looks up from the robot he is working on</p>

For the past seven years, the Utah Underwater Robotics program has worked with hundreds of elementary and middle school kids to teach them principles of science, math, engineering, and technology, impacting gradeschool kids and college-aged students.


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