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Water droplets defy conventional rules when caught by fibers bent at a certain angle

water droplet on a fiber in nature

Ever wanted to know at what angle a bent fiber can hold the largest droplet of water? Then we have great news for you: A group of engineers and scientists from Utah State University, BYU and the University of Liege (Belgium) have figured it out.

Moving Capstone

In conjunction with LDS Charities, a BYU Capstone team is working to make wheelchairs even more helpful by implementing a hand-pedaling feature. See it in action

Engine-building BYU grad encourages students to change the world

If you have ever seen “The Fast and the Furious” movies then you must have noticed the powerful turbocharged engines in their cars. Although the films are not known for their realism, BYU grad Matthew Bingham helps engineer real life turbocharged engines for the Fortune 500 company Cummins.

BYU hosts regional chemical engineering conference

BYU chem car
BYU Chem-E Jeopardy team
Chem-E Jeopardy

Over 150 chemical engineering students from 11 different schools across the Rocky Mountain region flocked to BYU from Mar. 22-24 for the annual AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) conference.

Professor and students create a do-it-yourself engineering activities book for kids

People leaning in around a table

<p>Technology and Engineering Studies professors and students teach gradeschool students</p>

Two boys posing for picture

<p>Gradeschool boy poses with his creation at TES event</p>

People in group reaching toward person behind desk

<p>Gradeschool students eagerly reach toward a BYU TES student as she gives a presentation</p>

Two men standing on table addressing crowd of kids

<p>Faculty and students from the TES major address crowd of gradeschool students</p>

Geoff Wright, associate professor of technology and engineering studies, and a team of students worked to collect, design, and edit, rainy-day engineering activities for kids and their parents and teachers to explore together.

The future is bright: WE@BYU

Three women pass beach ball around

<p>Students participate in activities before the panel discussion</p>

Group of women sit talking

<p>Students talk together before pannel disucssion</p>

Woman talking into microphone

<p>Alumni Nicole Stewart, Angela Trego, and&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: sans-serif, Arial, Verdana, &quot;Trebuchet MS&quot;; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Kellie Morgan</span> encourage and advise students</p>

The theme for this WE@BYU: Women in Engineering and Technology Celebration was, "The Future's So Bright, You Gotta Wear Shades!" Alumni gave their best advice to students, and Sydne Jacques, founder owner of Jacques & Associates, gave the closing remarks, encouraging female students to have confidence in their bright futures.

Engineering capstone project aids LDS Charities

Since 2001, LDS Charities has provided about 700,000 wheelchairs to disabled people in over 130 countries. A BYU Capstone project group from the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology is working to make those wheelchairs even more helpful to those in need by implementing a hand-pedaling feature to the chairs.

2018 Student Innovator of the Year seeks to make world more accessible

<p>UtilAware by Bryan Stringham&nbsp;</p>

<p>Cake Cam by Candice and Parker Lusk&nbsp;</p>

<p>Heat-U by Caden Dortch&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p>Meteor by Jake Kissell and Shaquille Walker&nbsp;</p>

<p>Buddy by Grant Hagen and Jared Workman&nbsp;</p>


Seven finalists competed in the SIOY competition and Piero has been named 2018 Student Innovator of the Year! Piero won $6,000 for their efforts to make the lives of wheelchair users easier. They created Portal, a hands-free device that automatically opens doors when a wheelchair user with their app approaches the door.

Renowned humanitarian addresses engineering careers in the developing world

Man gestures while giving speech

<p>Bishnu Adhikari on stage</p>

Man shakes another man's hand

<p>Bishnu Adhikari meets students after lecture</p>

Humanitarian and engineer, Bishnu Adhikari spoke at the college lecture series, addressing engineering and technology students in the JSB auditorium on March 15. He talked about engineering challenges he has faced and continues to face out in the world, and how he worked to overcome those challenges.

Daily Universe: BYU offers variety of opportunities for women in engineering

Kate Corbett, a senior in civil engineering, shares her experience being mentored and as a mentor to other female students as part of the BYU Women in Engineering and Technology program. 


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