Study Abroad 2018

All information sessions will be in the Weidman Center for Global Leadership (264 CB).

For additional details please click on the name or picture of the study abroad program. This includes an overview of the experience, student costs, faculty director contact information, application process and deadlines, and much more. You can also access study abroad information by visiting the Kennedy Center's program page. 


Kennedy Center


China - Global Leadership and Eastern Religion
Info session on Oct 17 at 5pm, Nov 6 at 5pm  

Prepare to be a global leader by increasing your leadership, teamwork, and knowledge of globalization and gain experience in the Chinese language, culture, religion and history in China. This program fulfills the ENGT 231 requirement for engineering and technology students as well as BYU general education requirements in Social Science, Global & Cultural Awareness, and a Religion elective.

All Engineering and Technology students


Global Leadership and Church History - Europe 
Info session on Oct 16 at 4pm, Nov 14 at 4pm 

Prepare to be a global leader. Improve your teamwork and knowledge of globalization while visiting companies and gaining experience in the culture and history of Europe. Develop an understanding through the religion course of many lesser-known stories of recent and past European Church history. ENGT 231 is required for 7 of 10 majors within the college and fulfills two general education requirements (Social Science and Global & Cultural Awareness). REL C 350R fulfills a general education elective in Religion.

All Engineering and Technology students


International Product Design and Development - Singapore
Info session on Oct 19 at 11am, Nov 1 at 10 am, Nov 7 at 3pm

Develop your knowledge of product design and development while working as an international team with students from the National University of Singapore and Penn State University.

All Engineering and Technology students interested in design


Global Engineering Outreach - Peru

Use your technical education to change lives through humanitarian engineering with a focus on sustainable technologies.

All Engineering and Technology students 


Global Product Development - Latin America 
Info session on Oct 25 at 3pm, Nov 2 at 11 am

Develop your knowledge of product design and development and how that process changes across industries and cultures within several Latin America countries. 

All Engineering and Technology students 


Infrastructure and Global Leadership - Europe
Info session on Oct 27 at 2pm

Students learn about how ancient and modern civil engineering projects in some of the most beautiful and culturally rich locations in Europe. The course will be focused on all disciplines of civil engineering: structures, transportation, geotechnical, water resources, and environmental. 

Civil Engineering Students 


International Challenges in Water Resources - Dominican Republic 

Work alongside students from international partnering institutions while applying water resources models and methods to critical problems faced in Latin America.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Students 


Manufacturing Engineering Internship - Asia
Info session on Oct 19 at 3 pm, Nov 2 at 2pm

Expand your opportunities by participating in this technical study abroad while completing an international internship in Asia.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Students


Weidman Global Internship

An international technical internship provides a unique opportunity not only to gain additional technical skills appropriate for your chosen major, but to also gain an in-depth, in-country experience that provides significant opportunities to increase your leadership capabilities, language skills, interpersonal skills, and communication.

All Engineering and Technology students