Building a Great Sophomore Year

Building a Great Sophomore Year! 

You’ve survived your first year! Your sophomore year is a great time to branch out and find careers and projects that inspire you. Here at the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology we have dozens of clubs, organizations and activities to help you find the right path.

Clubs & Organizations

Lots of students are looking for ways to get involved and get to know other students in their major. Luckily, the college of engineering and technology has dozens of clubs designed to help you make new friends, build your resume, and learn more about your areas of interest. You can find more information on college clubs here.


One of the great advantages of attending BYU is being able to start researching as an undergrad. Research gives valuable hands-on experience while also teaching you about new technologies in your field of interest.The best way to find information on research in your department is to visit your department website or talk to a professor. 

WE Reach

There are so many great activities and events designed to help you get to know other students and to get to know your major. WE Reach is a program through WE@BYU that gets you involved by issuing fun and exciting challenges, with awards and prizes for participating.Click here to join WE Reach now!

Perfect Your Resume

A good weapon in your arsenal is a strong, polished resume. After a year of internships, clubs and volunteering, make sure you visit Career Services242 Clyde Building, to get your resume, and interview skills, in tip-top shape. For more resume help visit the Blue Book.  

Internship Investigation

Because experience is often the best teacher, try checking out an internship! Internships are one of the best ways to increase your first-hand knowledge of a potential career. Both the biannual STEM Career Fair and University Career Services, are great resources to meet professionals in various industries and learn what they look for in a job candidate. 

Math Refresher

Are you worried about starting math again after such a long time? Well, you’re in luck! The college now offers a block course that reviews the basics and fundamentals of calculus to help you get back up and running. To find a schedule and sign up, go here

Study Abroad

The challenges of competing in a global economy and addressing the problems facing humankind will require globally competent leaders with strong technical skills. The Weidman Center for Global Leadership offers programs to help students study abroad and put their engineering and technology skills to use internationally. Studying abroad enriches your understanding of the world and shows you the countless ways a degree in engineering and technology can change the world.