Research Home

Research plays a vital role in the education of both graduate and undergraduate students in engineering and technology at BYU.  Faculty and students work hand-in-hand to find innovative solutions to today’s pressing problems and tomorrow’s challenges. Faculty at the cutting-edge of their disciplines help students develop the skills, gain the experience and cultivate the vision needed to succeed as leaders across the globe. The college fosters a fertile environment for interdisciplinary collaboration, and student mentoring involves undergraduates in world-class research as valued members of a community of scholars.

Research in a wide variety of areas such as biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, sustainable energy, autonomous vehicles and information technology, among others, is supported by state-of-the art laboratories and facilities. Efforts in the college span the full spectrum from fundamental to applied, and the college has an excellent track record for technology transfer to the commercial sector.  

For information on specific research projects and faculty, please see the links below.  In addition, the associate dean for research in the college is happy to address your questions.  We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse set of research partners and encourage you to contact us if interested.